Book Review - Forgetting What I Couldn't Remember by Angelina Singer

My brain is scrambled like a bunch of eggs but in a good way. I'm still coming down from the high I get when I get hooked into a really good story and I'm sad that this one ended. This book was a whirlwind adventure from beginning to the very end. I felt as if I was sucked into the craziness and was right smack dab in the middle of the main character's shenanigans.

Angelina Singer is an indie author with a beautiful and unique quirky style. You can recognize her by her badass hair color (currently pink). She also has a crochet business where she crochets the cutest things I have ever seen and she can really wail on the guitar. Angelina Singer is full of adventure and surprises, just like her writing.

Cover your face with your hands because here comes a minor spoiler alert.* (I'm trying to be vague because this book has some interesting surprises in it and I don't want to spoil it.)

Forgetting What I Couldn't Remember is a duology novel that focuses on the main character named Vera Barlet. Vera is chatting up some kids in the park, trying to get them to be more sociable. The scenes are quirky but endearing as she befriends these two children and makes it her mission to make them stand up for themselves against their bullies. Vera is also handling family drama surrounding her father that disappeared years ago. Her estranged uncle is now back in the picture, complicating things for the entire family with his craziness.

Vera finds herself longing for her longtime best friend Alex, but the romance has a few stop signs and turns as she tries to date another dude named Gavin. While dealing with a shit ton of homework and close to graduating college, a shut-in brother who is a programmer and a busy mother. Vera deals with a lot of stress in her life. It becomes more complicated when her crazy uncle claims he has invented the machine to travel back in time, giving off some serious Doc Brown vibes.

After seeing some evidence, Vera begins to believe him and embarks on a mission to figure out what happened to her father and change her past for the better. Eventually, she finds what she is looking for and it's more than what she bargained. With a little romance, some twists and turns; Vera was able to handle the sticky situation she found herself in with the help of her friends, revealing the decade long mystery of her father's disappearance.

This story is riddled with twists.

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What I Loved About This Book

I loved the quirky cover and the humor found nestled perfectly within the pages. This book had the right amount of seriousness, surprise, and tear-jerking situations. It was a perfect balance, written by an author who is not only articulate in style but also in words. Angelina is a very descriptive writer. I imagined every scene effortlessly in my head as if it was unfolding on a big screen in front of me. Angelina is a hard-working author and it shows in her work. This book is a definite good read and I am so glad that I was able to enjoy the world Angelina has created. I am a sucker for time-travel novels. If you want funny back to the future references, good humor, and important messages about bullying then this is the book for you.

What I Disliked About The Book

The only issue I found with this story is that at the beginning it was a little hard for me to keep up between the rapid scene changes as the story unfolded but then it became apparent why it was written the way that it was, for the time travel aspect of the story. But overall, it was hard to get into the story in the beginning, but I stuck my guns out because, in the end, the story had me on the seat of my pants and it is one of the greatest stories I have read in a while.


Overall, Angelina Singer is a fantastic writer and I am so glad I got to connect with her to read her work. She deserves all the recognition for her hard work. If you are looking for a time-travel/romance/story of family and friendship, then I highly recommend taking a gander at Angelina's Story. I will be reading her upperworld series soon.

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